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Class Voice and Private Voice Textbooks

I am currently preparing to teach class voice this summer.  I am looking for a textbook, but I cannot find anything.  I know Foundations in Singing and The Singing Book, but these aren't really what I'm looking for.  Most of these students will have some knowledge of vocal pedagogy, and I am confident in selecting pieces for the students.  My plan is select a book of pieces to use, but I would also like a supplementary text dealing with vocal technique.  This would be a text that I could use in class voice as well as private lessons.  I have looked at MANY options, but simply can't find what I'm looking for.  I'm hoping that some of you might have suggestions of favorite books that I haven't thought about.
Thanks so much!
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on June 26, 2011 11:47am
Two books that I reach for again and again are "Basics of Singing" by Jan Schmidt and Heidi Counsel Schmidt (Thomson-Schirmer) and "Simply Singing" by Hedley Nosworthy (also Thomson-Schirmer).  (I teach studio voice to high school, college, and adult singers.)  Both have excellent chapters on vocal technique, excellent and accessible text on the physical mechanics of singing, and some fun and challenging vocal exercises.  Both are available with accompaniment CD's, and Simply Singing also comes with an excellent CD of the vocal exercises from the book and foreign language diction for the foreign songs (although I am not particularly enamored of Prof. Nosworthy's vocal timbre).  The variety of songs in "Basics of Singing" is especially good, and it has several wonderful arrangements of pieces I've not seen elsewhere.  While these books are not inexpensive (Basics of Singing with the 2 accompaniment CD's runs around $100), they are well worth the price.  I have found the vocal exercises from both books to be wonderful in helping students develop a solid foundation in vocal technique. 
You can probably get a review copy of both books from the Thomson-Schirmer website or their textbook representative.
I realize that this may be a bit late to help you with your class this summer, but I can highly recommend both of these texts, and hope that it might be helpful to other teachers looking for similar material in the future.
Heather Batey
Birmingham, AL
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