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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

ACDA International Conductors Exchange Program

The ACDA International Conductors Exchange Program (ICEP) was inaugurated in 2010 with a highly successful exchange with Cuba coinciding with the 2012 division conferences. In 2014, this extraordinary program will work with China and our partner, the China Chorus Association, to provide once again the opportunity to create meaningful international collaborations that will coincide with all seven division conferences.  To this end, we have established an ongoing exchange program of potential leaders from the U.S. choral community and their international counterparts.
ACDA is pleased to announce the 2015 International Conductors Exchange Program (ICEP) with Sweden. ICEP is providing opportunities for the next generation of choral leaders to represent the United States as ambassadors to the world in the exchange of music, ideas, and cultures. In 2015, ACDA will host fourteen choral conductors from Sweden who will travel to the United States to be official guests in each of the seven divisions and at the National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. In turn, the Swedish Choral Directors Association (SCDA) will host fourteen U.S. conductors to be official guests at the Scandinavian Choral Convention in Stockholm, Sweden, in October 2015. 
To apply online, follow this link.
The objectives of the ACDA International Conductors Exchange Program are:
  1. To create connections between potential leaders of the U.S. choral community with counterparts across the globe.
  2. To forge stronger relationships between the American Choral Directors Association and choral associations across the world
  3. To raise the visibility and leadership role of the American Choral Directors Association in the global choral community.
Selection Criteria - Emerging Conductor
The ACDA International Conductors Exchange Program Review Committee is charged with the selection of emerging leaders of the choral profession, who 1) have not previously had international conducting experience, and 2) reflect a high level of excellence as well as a wide diversity of interests. The ICEP Review Committee has developed the following list of criteria.
  1. Is a current member of ACDA;
  2. Is an active choral conductor in a professional (remunerative) position;
  3. Has completed at least a master’s degree;
  4. Has served in a nominated or elected position at the state level;
  5. Has served as a volunteer at the State, Regional, or National level of ACDA;
  6. Their choirs have demonstrated a level of choral excellence worthy of representing ACDA in an international setting, and one that is at least approaching the standard of choirs customarily heard at Division ACDA conferences;
  7. While not required, the applicant has some demonstrated facility in learning a foreign language and a willingness to undertake at least a rudimentary study;
  8. Exhibits some level of human understanding, tact, and cross-cultural sensitivity;
  9. Minimum of 3 years in their current position and a maximum of 15 years as full time in the profession.
  10. The candidates should reflect a wide diversity of interests and accomplishments (church, high school, community, elementary, et al.). The ICEP Review Committee will consider a diversity of conductors (e.g. not all from one setting, such as Higher Education).
Click here to view the Video Submission Guidelines.