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Location: Czech Republic
Voicing: Mixed

When amateur singers go on a singing tour they usually do so as members of an existing ensemble. However, many singers  individual vacation. They arrange surface transport to a designated hotel, at which accommodation has been booked for them to their specifications. At this point, they become members of a touring musical ensemble, joining other singers from various Canadian communities who share a love of choral music.  Spouses and children are welcome as well but on the understanding that the tour is built around the rehearsal and performance schedule of the choir. Every effort will be made to plan complementary events for non-singers during the time that the singers are rehearsing.


There are no auditions. All who register as singers are members of the choir. However, in order to achieve the musical objectives of the director and to ensure personal satisfaction, those enrolling as singers should be able to read music, have current or recent choral or solo singing experience, and be comfortable singing serious sacred music in Latin and German.


This year, the major work will be the MISSA CHORALIS by Franz Liszt. The music for the tour is distributed in advance; the cost is included in the registration fee. Singers are expected to do extensive individual preparation prior to starting the trip. Each morning choir members rehearse the repertoire for a minimum of 3 hours. 

This year's tour will begin in Prague and performances, either concerts or worship services, are scheduled there, in Budapest, Vienna, and Bratislava. The first performance will take place 5 or 6 days into the tour.  All performances will be in churches and cathedrals. The venues and performance dates are guaranteed; the size of the audience is not.  Once the first performance is given, shorter additional rehearsals will be scheduled at the discretion of the Musical Director.

The afternoons and evenings are given over to sightseeing. During the tour, participants will have a chance to hear many fine free or modestly priced concerts in the locales visited. Transportation between the cities and countries is by bus. At the end of the tour, people overnight in Prague for the last evening and depart the following day to return home, to continue their vacation to locations of their choice, or to participate in the optional tour offered by Club Tours Agentur. 


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