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Starting a Jazz Choir

I am only a 2nd year teacher and just this year started a Jazz Choir at my school.  Due to a lack of gentlemen, my Jazz Choir currently only consists of 8 ladies.  I have two questions reguarding starting a jazz choir.
1)  What is a good resource I can use to help teach vocal jazz style?
2)  What are some good SSAA or SSA pieces out there?
on April 4, 2011 3:41pm
As for the second question, here's a ChoralNet resource on the subject.
on April 4, 2011 8:24pm
Hello Jessica:
There are 2 or 3 fine in-print vocal jazz resources I will point you toward.  They include books by Paris Rutherford, Michele Weir, and Steve Zegree.  I am most familiar with Zegree's... discusses  jazz styles, sound reinforcement, suggested titles, where to buy arr's, and a dozen other vocal jazz-related topics -- all comes with a CD of recorded examples. I don't have the Rutherford book, nor Michele Weir's...both of which are more recent.  However, I was privileged to workshop sing under their direction. I can't say enough about them. Their books have received rave reviews from performers and educators alike.  After this I plan to buy both.  
My jazz ensembles have been mainly mixed voice, not SSA.  I suggest you take a look at Michele's website at She has many treble arrangements.  Also, at Univ. of North Texas, check out Rosana Eckert at -- she has done several very nice treble arrangements.  Publishers where you'll find a ton o' tunes include:  Univ. of Northern Colorado Jazz Press and, Sound Music Publications:   Also, look at, check on school choral,  and you'll find many vocal jazz arrangements.  Paris Rutherford's website is:  Drop him a note and see what he says.   Sorry, I don't have treble titles for you but these websites should give you a lot of information.
Good Luck with your new vocal jazz venture.   Keep the jazz alive!  
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