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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Scott Dorsey Joins ACDA National Staff as Director of Education and Communication

The American Choral Directors Association is pleased to announce Dr. Scott Dorsey has accepted the position of ACDA Director of Education and Communication, and will join the National staff at the ACDA National Headquarters in Oklahoma City in June. This new role expands the duties of the ACDA archivist into the creation and dissimination of ACDA's many educational resources for the benefit of the ACDA membership.

Dr. Dorsey is well known among ACDA members due to his many past roles within the Association. His
pioneering work as the National Repertoire and Standards Chair for Student and Youth Activities, his tireless and ongoing contribution of indexing articles in Choral Journal and monograph creation, and his
leadership within the ACDA Central Division as Program Chair for multiple Division Conferences, all demonstrate his archival skills and interests, as well as his leadership abilities and alignment with ACDA priorities. Scott will help ACDA move to the next stage of making the intellectual content of ACDA's library and conference/performance archive available beyond the walls of the National Archives and Headquarters.

As outlined in ACDA Executive Director Tim Sharp's priorities for ACDA in the area of education and communication, by making past and future educational and instructional holdings of ACDA available to the membership, ACDA further fulfills its mission of providing continuing education and inspiration to the choral community. ACDA holds over 50 years of publications and conference materials, representing countless hours of research and the resulting pedagogical resources created through that research. These resources have taken the form of videos, recordings, articles, books, reviews, tables, lists, photographs, and many other instructional documents. In addition, ACDA's Standing Committees and professional work through ChoralNet, provide additional resources for the benefit of the choral community. By creating an enhanced archivist role on the National Staff in the position of a Director of Education and Communication, and by investing in the technological resources to deliver these resources, ACDA is better poised to realize this important educational priority.