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About the new Library Post (SongSystem) that can't be read by some or all...

Have no idea what hapened.  Gonna try this:
I'll break it up into sections and post the sections as a series of Blogs.  Maybe it'll work.
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on May 8, 2011 7:41am
When I first downloaded this document, it came through with ".pdf" as the suffix, and I could not open the file.  I saw that your heading on the post had ".doc", so I changed the ".pdf" to ".doc" and it opened just fine.  For some reason, somewhere in the "ether" the file was identified falsely as a PDF rather than a MSWord Document.  It probably isn't necessary to split it up - folks just need to make sure it has a ".doc" at the end of the file name rather than ".pdf" or some other suffix.  This is a "workaround" for a problem that should probably not have happened.
Steve Szalaj
on May 8, 2011 8:54am
Thanks loads, Steve.  I'll pass this along.  I've already split it up, but this solution is better and quicker.
Be well,
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