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Needed ASAP Polka for a funeral or hymn played in a Polka fashion

Greetings Everyone,
I know that this is an unusual request however it's what the family desires.  The widow has expressed that she and her husband went polka dancing every week for decades.  She and the family would like a polka played at the funeral but also mentioned a "polka hymn" ?  that they had heard at another funeral.   Is there such an animal?
Always Grateful,
John Rondeau, Dir. of Music, The First Congregational Church of Dudley
Dudley, Massachusetts 01571
on May 17, 2011 9:44pm
Hi John,
I think it's sweet the widow would like to have this at her husband's funeral!
Living in Chicago--with the biggest Polish population outside of Warsaw--I had heard of a "Polka Mass" a few years back.  I googled "Polka Mass" and got the website of Concertina Music (I think a concertina is a small accordian--a squeezebox).  Anywho, you can actually print out portions of the "Polka Mass" from this website--there might be a movement that would be appropriate for you.  I have no idea if it's good or bad or?....but it's a place to start.  Let us know what you find--you never know if someone else might need to know about something like this.  I tried to copy and paste a link to the Concertina Music website.  Hope it comes out okay.
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