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Your definition of "fresh" new music, please

A particularly thoughtful response to our "black hole" thread in the composer's community included the emphatic "And, above all, does it seem FRESH?" criterion for any new piece of music by a living composer that is being reviewed by a conductor/director.
I know that the concept may be an elusive one, and probably falls into the "I know it when I see it/hear it" category of music appreciation, but could some of you try, please, to define what "FRESH" means to you when considering a new composition for your choir(s)? It would be very helpful to learn what that descriptor does and also does not mean in your minds.
on March 24, 2012 6:54am
Hi, Julia.
For me, the song has to be accessible and singable - catchy, if you will.  I have no interest in avant garde or esoteric music that is not melodious.  
Underlying the music itself, I think "fresh" can have more to do with the spirit we bring to it - the attitude of the people singing/interpreting it - than the piece of music itself.  
I also think over stimulation is not good!  If we're constantly living with noise - in any form - and not taking the time to be quiet and being comfortable with quietness in our lives, then nothing will feel or sound fresh because our spirits/minds are always being bombarded with "input" and therefore can't process anything "fresh."  
Hope this helps!
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