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Non-Traditional Choir ROBES

Help!!  I am "looking for something different" in apparel for my church choir, and haven't seen anything I like in the usual catalogs.  I'd like something that can be worn over street clothes, like a Nehru jacket, that all ages would look good in, but which has a more contemporary feel like some of the groups that have left the traditional tuxedo and gone with a more casual-elegant look.   So to translate that to the choir robe, and a director's garment that would look of a piece but different, with ethnic elements.  Some of the Irish groups have a neat look to them, but having a uniform as opposed to a robe over their regular clothes would be troublesome. Or maybe I should just require them to come to church in their choir uniform?  Anyone ever done that?  Any suggestions of websites or companies would be so welcome.  Many thanks!
Ben Allaway
First Christian Church
Des Moines, Iowa
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