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searching for The New Colossus

I have found references to a piece titled "The New Colossus" by Sigmeister but have been unable to find a score to purchase or a recording.  Any suggestions?  I am also interested in irish immigrant music.
Thank you,
Steve Dresen
Bonneville HS Choirs
on June 2, 2011 5:09pm
Its publisher imprint is Merrymount Music Press, now owned by Carl Fischer. You might contact them and ask. The spelling seems to be Siegmeister.
Also, here's somebody who asked this on ChoralNet before. See if he found it.
on July 20, 2011 4:40pm
I am replying to my own post for future reference for anybody searching for this work.  It can be found at the Library of congress.  Theodore Presser is the last copyright owner prior to it going permanently out of print.  If you contact the Livrary of Congress and reuqest a copy (processing and duplication fee) and they ask if you have permission you will need to contact Presser.
Steve Dresen
Bonneville HS Choirs
on July 21, 2011 8:41am
This was handled by Theodore Presser for the longest time, and, BTW, Siegmeister was Jewish. I have copies in my library should they prove useful.

Hope this helps,
Robert A. M. Ross

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