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"Expressions of Joy" to begin Monday, June 6 in Albuquerque

Immediately following Joyful Noise's Chicago ACDA session -- less than 3 months ago -- Vera Kleinhenz approached Alice Parker and me to tell us that she felt inspired to start a new choir. Her new choir, "Expressions of Joy," will have its first rehearsal THIS MONDAY, June 6, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The choir already has a Board in place, a Facebook page, and has submitted a non-profit application. Wow!! A woman with a mission! Bravo, Vera! I wish you and your singers an evening as exuberant and thrilling as the one Joyful Noise's singers had 11 years ago. 
I'm looking forward to hearing from Vera and Jeannine about their experiences and insights! I may also post some questions that Vera sent me last week, for discussion and input from this community. Meanwhile, I'd like to share their spiffy flyer and initial letter. If you have family or friends in the Albuquerque area, would you please pass these along?
Allison Fromm, Director
Joyful Noise
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