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Christmas "Star" pieces

At the risk of receiving hundreds of suggestions (:-), I'm looking for pieces for Christmas dealing with "the Star" in some form or other.
Mixed choir
a cappella or with piano
any language is ok
anthem length
I have quite a list, including:
Star in the East - sacred harp
Behold the Star - spiritual
There Shall a Star - Mendelssohn
Rise Up shepherd and Follow (good arrangement, anyone?)
Do You Hear What I Hear ( a star, a star...)
Jon Washburn's The Star (includes Carl Sandburg's "Special Starlight")
How Bright Appears (How brightly shines) the Morning Star
Probably can't fit in Rheinberger's Star of Bethlehem!
I'm curious to see what you'll all come up with!
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on June 29, 2011 5:16am
One of my personal all-time favorites, The Shepherd's Carol by Bob Chilcott, compelling, very dramatic text.
Richard Zgodava's Out of the Orient Crystal Skies is another reliable crowd-pleaser, and surprisingly many people have still not heard it!
For a more modern sound, try Charles Beaudrot's "What Star Is This?"--neat text, but music difficulty level not for the faint of heart!  Not sure if this is published yet... contact Charles Beaudrot, Jr.
Good luck!
on July 2, 2011 6:01pm
Charles Ives "A Christmas Carol"
Kentaro Sato "Little Star of  Bethrehem (a cappella)"  (or with organ)
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