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Storage boxes for larger scores and orchestral parts

My University has a great collection of Gamble boxes - enough to last us for decades for the traditional octavo size scores.
We do, however, need something larger for ECS scores and for orchestral scores and parts.  Gamble does make boxes for these sizes-
Their Deluxe Filing Boxes are 9.5x12.75x3 - they will hold the ECS and other scores in the 8.5x11 size, but they cost $8.15 each for less than 100.
Their Music Shelf Boxes are 11.5x15x3.5 and will hold the orchestral scores but they cost $19.65 each for 11 or more.
those are high prices.  I am willing to pay that to secure and protect the music, but I wonder if there are other options you have found for secure storage of these larger format scores.
Grace and peace,
Larry Smith
Missouri Baptist University
St. Louis, MO, USA
on July 7, 2011 10:59am
The ECS scores are 8.5x11. Any office supply store will have a hundred options for storing documents that size. You don't need something music-specific.
Orchestral parts are trickier, but architects and engineers routinely use these larger-size documents so there are plenty of boxes made. Again, office supply houses would be a better bet than a music products supplier. Maybe something like this would work. You might have to put many different pieces in the same box, but it sure would be cheaper. It's not like you have to get at them super-often.
Bankers Box  Multi-Purpose Storage Boxes, 3/Pack
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