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Singing stools/boxes

Hello folks - I am wondering if any company out there makes an individual singer's riser box. Our youth choir sings in various locations during our summer tour, often in places where traditional risers just cannot fit, and we use cheap rubbermaid stools. The problem is that they are ugly, too small to stand comfortably, and only one height. Ideally I would like to have some nice looking stools/boxes that nest for traveling, in two heights. Let me know if you have any ideas or recommendations - and thank you!
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on July 13, 2011 9:39am
Duncan:  You don't say whether this is a church choir or a school choir.  "Youth choir" suggests church, but "summer tour" confuses the question.  It would also help to know the size of your choir and the age range.
In any case, take a look on the Wenger website under Risers.  There are a couple of box options.  Expensive, of course, but they might give you an idea.  And some of them look ideal for, say, 2 singers, if not individuals.
If you have either a shop program or theater department (at a school) or a few handy parents (if a church), why not ask them to design exactly what you want, at the heights you would like, and design and build them to nest for travel.  (Reaslizing, however, that that will increase their weight, while single boxes might be carryable by a single kid.)
Just raising this as a question:  I would expect a variety of heights in a youth choir.  Is there no way to distribute them on a flat floor with the short in front and the tall in back?  That's what I did with my women's show ensemble at Indiana, and it worked quite well, but I used only 18 singers.
All the best,
on July 15, 2011 11:51am
Hi John - thanks for writing!
This is for my church youth choir (grades 7-12) of around 50 singers. I looked at what Wenger has to offer, and it's not the right fit. I do like the idea of designing our own boxes, so that's probably the route I'll take. I just hated to do that if there was a ready-made option available.
on July 16, 2011 9:01am
Check out these boxes--if you have access to somebody with even rudimentary woodworking skills, they are very easy to build.
I built 12 of them for my church choir, and they are very versatile and comfortable. I have ended up using them more than I ever thought.
I had some 2x6 pieces in my garage, so I cut 4 pieces to just a bit longer than the depth of the box, finished them to match the boxes, and now have some easy height adjustment. I did the same thing with a couple of pieces of left-over 4x6's, and now I can put my shortest singer next to my tallest singer! They also make it very easy to get singers heads a bit higher when we sing from various places around the sanctuary, which opens up a lot of placement options.
Boxes are way better for me than risers. They do not require the expanse of flat floor that risers do. You can vary the spacing and the curve, and when they are in place, they automatically locate each singer in a specific spot--no re-adjustment shuffle. They fit easily in the back of my vehicle, but I can also ask each singer to be responsible for transporting and handling the box they stand on.
on July 16, 2011 2:14pm
Great! Thanks, Reg - these look perfect.
on April 30, 2012 7:09pm
After years of looking for stools for our outreach concerts, and also for the back row at rehearsals, we finally found something that works, in the RV world. They are lightweight aluminum, come in black or other colours, and very important for us, they are stackable for storage.
The downside is that they are expensive. But cheaper than the Wenger boxes, which were the wrong configuration for us anyway.
15" x 19" Platform, 8" High. I'd like them to be another inch higher, but we are very happy with them. Very stable and comfortable even for the biggest singers.
There is also a smaller version, though we decided to opt for the bigger one for everyone in our adult community choir.
sing hallelujah!
on October 18, 2012 11:56am
Hello Duncan, As a church musician I have occasionally had similar needs for small risers, as well as for conducting podiums in general. After running into numerous other conductors needing such things, I have developed a small side business over the last 5 years or so in which I hand make risers in various sizes and finishes. These can be seen at my website, -Thanks!
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