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Middle School/Junior High Choral Music Conference: READ PLEASE

Dear JH/MS Community Members and Friends,
It's a GO!!!
The first EVER National JH/MS Focused Conference is set on Feburary 29, 2012, in Dallas TX.  This fabulous event is a collaborative effort between American Choral Directors Association and the Cambiata Institute.  The Conference host facility is Dallas High School for the Performing Arts.  The Conference will be a one-day INFUSION of EXCITEMENT, KNOWLEDGE and POWER for every JH and MS teacher in the WORLD.  That is NOT an exaggeration!  Our conference will run from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  You can come for the action-packed day or stay over to include the SW ACDA Conference in your late-winter pick-me-up!  
People are coming!  Great teachers/musicians are presenting! The following teacher/musician/conductors have offered their time and talent to ACDA and the Cambiata Institute:  Rollo Dillworth, Judy Bowers, Patrick Freer, Alan McClung and many others.  
Wonderful music will be generated!!  The composition competition element is in place!  If you are a composer of literature that is sensitive and thoughtful to the changing voice male, please consult our website for additional information.  Your piece will be evaluated by the very talented composer/musicians Laura Farnell and David Childs.
Amazing performances will be enjoyed.  Three treble choirs, three cambiata choirs and three mixed choirs from REAL JH/MS programs across the nation have been chosen to perform.  In addition, a mixed choir has been chosen to serve as conference demonstration choir.  You can learn from hands-on choir work.
Research topics will be explored!  A traditional posterboard display and discussion will be an important part of the conference.  You KNOW how your principals LOVE data!!!  Learn new concepts or reinforce what you already know!  Take home more "educational weaponary" with which to hold your ground!  Support the members of our MS/JH teaching cadre who are doing research and who are making a difference!
Interest sessions will actually be INTERESTING!!  Sessions will be offered in Classroom Management, Emotional/Physical Development of the MS Singer as related to Musical Development; Sight Singing; Voice Change for All; and many more exciting topics.  Trust me, you WILL be interested!  A panel discussion is also in the works regarding tone.
The cost is RIDICULOUSLY nominal!!  All college/univerisity students and teachers who also attend SWACDA are only charged $10.00!!  Yes, that's right!  $10.00.  You can't even get a meal at App****es for $10.00!  Hotel rooms are available in the SWACDA hotels at SWACDA cost thanks to SWACDA President, Margie Camp.  A teacher who wants to come only for the JH/MS 8-hour conference is only charged $40.00.  Yes. $5.00 per hour.  That's lower than minimum wage.  That's less than a Venti Iced Caramel Machiatto at S***bu**s.  You can drive or fly.  At this point in time, a flight would be really cheap!!!
The friends and support network you will make and develop will be invaluable!  Enough said.
Some of these elements COULD change in the upcoming months...but the thing that won't change is the commitment to the JH/MS singer, teacher and conductor.  Get excited about this event!  It's the first time an event of this type has been pursued.  Go to the official website for the "formal" information.
Here's the official website address:


See you in Dallas.  I'll be the one in the cowboy boots!!!  :-)


P.S.  Tell a friend about this Community Page post!!  Get them to network on the ChoralNet JH/MS Community Page.  We all get by with a little help from our friends.  (Thanks, Beatles!)

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