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The Ultimate Middle School Rep List

Good afternoon all!
Poking around the archives for further ideas for middle school repertoire (I'm always looking to expand my own library, as well as my school's), it occurred to me that while there are several threads that make suggestions for rep, it might be nice to try to work those into a single "ultimate" list.  Once I got into my school's library, I was utterly disappointed in not only the small number of purchased titles, but the aesthetic quality of those titles as well.  Now, this list may already exist and I just didn't find it, but either way I would be happy to make/find that compilation and post it here for ease of access.  It would be immensely helpful for me and I'm sure for countless other middle school choir teachers.
In my mind, this "ultimate" list would take into consideration the following criteria:
  • Composed by folks who understand the psysiology of the middle school voice (male and female)
  • Offers as wide a diversity in style as possible.  This would mean anything from "fluff" to pop/jazz to serious rep (either accessible, arranged to be accessible, or easily adapted to be accessible), and anything in between
  • Gives an accessible introduction to other languages (if not in English)
  • Is enjoyable and attractive to this age group (as in, something they're not embarassed to sing in public)
  • Offers "teachable moments" on just about any point of vocal or choral pedagogy you can think of that's appropriate for this age
  • Has genuine artistic merit - in my experience, there's good fluff and bad fluff
  • Offers a potent audience experience - you know, the "wow" factor
  • Anything I forgot that's important (suggestions?)
I'm looking forward to seeing what we get.  Let 'er rip!
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on September 5, 2011 2:09pm
This ChoralNet resource might be a good place to start.
on September 5, 2011 5:16pm
Absolutely excellent!  Thank you, Allen!
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