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Pray for Fukushima

Location: Japan
Do you know Fukushima is called the “Kingdom of Choirs” in Japan?
Fukushima was affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant accident on March 11, 2011.
But we won’t give up!
Fukushima has a lot of music fans and choirs, which held a number of concerts to encourage people in Fukushima.
And we will hold the Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition (FVEC), one of the biggest chorus competitions in Japan in March 2012.
We are steadily walking toward reconstruction with music.
Please send your message to Fukushima.
Your words encourage singers, players and music lovers in Fukushima!
They are shown on the website and community halls in Fukushima.
Pray for Fukushima
at Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition 2012
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