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Missing your ChoralNet Mail? Have too much?

We've just moved ChoralNet to a newer and faster server environment. As with any move, things get broken...and at the moment, ChoralNet mail is one of those things. A few things to be aware of:
  • If you subscribe to Daily Digest or Daily Index for any of your subscriptions, you didn't receive your digest last night. We apologize for the disruption, but rest assured you'll be receiving your usual digest/index tonight (except if you're on AOL or Yahoo; see below)
  • If you have your subscriptions set to Individual messages, you probably received more than one of some messages earlier today. We've solved this problem; if you are getting duplicated messages sent after 3:00 PM PDT today, please let me know.
  • If you have an or address, or your mail gets forwarded through AOL or Yahoo (many of you on addresses forward through Yahoo), you will not be receiving mail for the next day or so (or have your email severely delayed) due to AOL and Yahoo blocking our new IP address. We've submitted requests to have our new IP address unblocked. In the meantime, if you want to receive mail while you wait for the wheels of bureaucracy to turn, you may want to change the address you receive ChoralNet mail through to an address that isn't on AOL or Yahoo. Gmail works great; as will an institutional (church/school) email address if you have one.
  • If you receive mail at a or address, do NOT mark your ChoralNet email as spam! If you mark unwanted/duplicate ChoralNet email as spam in the next couple of days rather than deleting it, it will make getting mail restored a longer and more arduous process for us and may lead to everyone being unable to receive any ChoralNet mail at all on or addresses. If you do mark your ChoralNet email as spam, we get an email about it, and we will revoke all of your ChoralNet subscriptions immediately.
Thanks to those who've reported problems this morning--we appreciate your help and support, and hope you're enjoying a much faster and smoother ChoralNet experience!
on September 23, 2011 7:19am
Actually, I didn't receive *either* the Digest *or* my Daily messages overnight, and I'm not at AOL or Yahoo. ChoralNet's new IP doesn't appear to be on any global blacklists (which is good) and there are no spam complaints in the SpamCop database, and the SenderBase "reputation" of the IP is listed as "Good."
on September 24, 2011 6:27am
It turns out that the address at which I receive the nightly messages (Daily and subscriptions digest) somehow got set to "bouncing" by ChoralNet, so I clicked the link to reset it. That address has never been flagged as "bouncing" before, so I'm hoping this didn't happen to a lot of other people during the server transition. I activated messages at my Yahoo-based ChoralNet subscription and they all arrived. Thanks for your work on all of this, Martin.
on September 24, 2011 5:35pm
Somehow since the 21st I have not recieved a single ChoralNet email. I'm on msn. I have checked and cannot see any reason why they suddenly have stopped coming. Do you have any suggestions? Let me know, I miss my daily fix.
Thanks MParry 
on September 26, 2011 6:03am
I have not been receiving Choral.Net since Sept. 21. Please re-start my subscription.
I have never marked it as spam.
I have no e-mail address other than
Thank you.
Susan Raccoli
Indianapolis, Indiana