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Musica Sacra a Roma, Rome, Italy, July 03 - 07, 2013

Location: Italy

In the spirit of world peace, the international choral and sacred music festival MUSICA SACRA A ROMA will again be held in the Italian capital. Amateur choirs from all over the world focusing on sacred music are invited again to come to the eternal city and to meet in peace and friendship. In the time-proven tradition of competition performances and representative evening concerts in the magnificent churches of Rome, together with official events such as a Mass in St. Peter’s Cathedral, for example, a festival is being organized which will further the comparison among the choirs as well as making music together and spiritual encounters.

And of course the destination Rome itself is not to be neglected! You have the opportunity to experience Rome and to witness the magic of the architectural, sculptural and painting master-pieces in St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. Let the city enchant you, and enjoy the festival’s customized tourist services. The tours have plenty to offer any visitor, whether they already know Rome or are experiencing it for the first time.

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