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Coro Casa da Musica, Porto, Portugal

Location: Portugal
Choir type: Chamber Choirs and Vocal Ensembles
Voicing: Mixed
Somewhat to my surprise this rather haphazard juxtaposition of repertoire has turned out rather well.
I post it more for general repertoire interest than in the expectation than anyone will be nearby!
Coro Casa da Musica
Simon Carrington, guest conductor
Sala Suggia
Porto, Portugal
18:00 Sunday, October 23 2011
Early Portuguese and contemporary American
Asperges me                                                                 Filipe de Magalhaes (c. 1571-1652)  
Missa Veni Domine                                                        Duarte Lobo (c. 1565-1646)
  Kyrie (with chant interpolations)                                                                                            
Sicut cedrus                                                                 Carlos Seixus (c.1704-1742)             
Whispers (after William Byrd) 2006                                  Steven Stucky                                    
Missa Veni Domine                                                        Duarte Lobo                                      
O sacrum convivium   2006                                          Stephen Stucky                                  
   (in memoriam Thomas Tallis)
Missa Veni Domine                                                       Duarte Lobo (c. 1565-1646)              
   Sanctus and Benedictus
Ardebat Vincentius                                                      Carlos Seixas                                     
Drop, drop slow tears (after Orlando Gibbons) 2001        Steven Stucky                                    
Missa Veni Domine                                                        Duarte Lobo (c. 1565-1646)              
   Agnus Dei       
Pia et dolorosa                                                             Diego dias Melgas (1638-1700)         
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