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World Peace Choral Festival 2012 (Vienna?Austria )

Location: China
In the world today where harmony and differences co-exist and globalization is speeding up its pace, the international communication has never been so important to people of different countries. People get to know and become to understand and respect of each other because of communication. In so many ways of communication, nothing could be better than music in reaching a resonance in people’s soul.
Chorus is the art which works with people in groups with harmony And it is well received all around the world. People no matter young and old can get fun and be happy in chorus.
The World Peace Choral Festival should provide a platform for youth and children’s choirs to perform, communicate and to create better intercultural understanding. Both classical music and folk’s music should be promoted accordingly.
With this aim, the World Peace Choral Festival is organized annually in Vienna in the Summer. Under the support of different government authorities, NGO organizations and enterprises the World Peace Choral Festival is becoming a more and more important music event in the world music capital.
Coming together to sing, Sing for a better future!
The World Choral Festival welcomes you!