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Kids Say Thanks to Vets with Flashmob Video

This post is related to Strykers "Cool ideas" post.   I didn't want to let the cat out of the bag when he asked for ideas but I would like to share with you a current creative project I am proud of.  
Last year I was moved by a presentation put on by the strings teacher at the elementary school I worked at.   It was in honor of the parent of one of our students who died while in the service.   Kids talked about that event.  I thought there should be a way to include the honest gratitude I feel for those who serve in the military with my passion for promoting music ensembles.  I teamed up with our local skating rink called Skatetown to hold a Kids' Flashmob for Veterans fundraiser.   They agreed to donate half of the admission fees to our music groups and also donate to a local veterans group.  We called the event Skate for Freedom.  
Four elementary schools and a church youth choir joined in the fun.  Kids practiced with a YouTube video of the soloist for the event singing the Star Spangled Banner.   On Tuesday we met at Skatetown.  Although doing a flashmob was the seed that got me to think about this, the event is in fact somewhat staged.   About 120 people showed up, paid admission and most participated in the making of the video thank-you card for veterans.  The event was a ton of fun for everyone and a huge success. We will hopefully make veterans smile, the kids got exercise, we raised $300 for our elementary school choirs, a veterans group will receive a donation and I collected contact info from parents to help me start up my community choir.  Win, Win, Win.   The kids also collected the names of veterans from their families that we included in an honor role at the end of the movie. 
Here is the video.  Please share it with the families of veterans that you know.
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