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New choral highlights for Christmas in a wide range of styles

* Please give me special suggestions of newly composed highlights for christmas concerts,
maybe in a wide range of styles, not too difficult to sing ... and maybe you
also present a recording of the piece(s) ...
I'm editing a big choral collection for European choirs - and if possible (copyrights/...)
I'd like to bring some of these works to the European choirs ....
(For further information please contact office (a)
and best wishes for your concerts -
Lorenz Maierhofer
on November 14, 2011 3:37pm
Please consider my contemporary, secular work, "The First Snowflake," for the collection.  The PDF and mp3 are here under the SATB tab:
If you are interested in adding it to the collection, please contact me regarding permission to publish, etc.  Simply click on the "Contact Me" tab on my website to send an email.
Thank you, and best wishes for your effort!
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