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Christmas 3D

Location: California, USA
Choir type: Community Choirs
Voicing: Mixed
It seems like every movie nowadays (and even some TVs) comes with a 3-D version. I guess we're jaded after a century about the illusion of real life provided on the screen, and need an additional, um, dimension to keep audiences' interest.
In the performing arts we've always been 3-D, in the literal sense. Your depth perception knows that some performers are closer, and others farther away. Yet in some ways we still have a little catching up to do. Movies have surround-sound and the 3-D effects cause the action to seem "in your face." As an audience member you feel like you're part of the action, not just observing it from a distance. Choral concerts, on the other hand, still tend to be performed from one spot, with predictable stopping points and a clear boundary between performers and audience.
Not this concert. We're going to be a little more "in your face" this Christmas. There will be surround sound. We'll be breaking the "fourth wall" and singing right in your laps. We'll fill the hall with music, and every song will be different. Sink into your chair and enjoy a total immersion experience this Christmas, as the music comes to you.
Program includes:
  • Phyllis Zimmerman, Hodie 
  • Ernst Bacon, The Cherubic Pilgrim
  • Hassler, Verbum caro factum est
  • Bob Chilcott, When Riches Is Everlastingly 
  • Gabriel’s Message (arr Simon)
  • Halsey Stevens, Magnificat
  • Robert Lockwood, In the Bleak Midwinter 
  • Ronald Corp, Verbum Patris
  • David Willcocks, Starry Night
  • Malcolm Archer, Child of Mary
  • Javier Busto, Ave Maria 
  • Andrew Carter, Maria Walks 
  • Michael Cox, O Holy Child
  • Bob Chilcott, So Fair and Bright
  • Ronald Arnatt, Mater ora filium 
  • William Hawley, O Maria maris stella
  • Jacobus Gallus, O magnum mysterium
  • Brian Holmes, Carol of the Field Mice
  • Christopher Wiggins, Christmas Bells
  • Gabriel Jackson, Nowell
  • Jim Leininger, Deo Gracias
  • Malcolm Archer, Rejoice and Be Merry
  • Susan Brown, No Silent Night
held together with narratives arranged by Allen Simon.
Performers include Angela Kraft Cross, organ; Jay Lyon, piano; William B. Harvey, trumpet
Two performances:
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