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Rep suggestions for a "Lenten/Sacred" concert?

Hey everyone, 
I had such a nice response about a Saint-Saens piece I couldn't locate in my area, I thought I'd try the forum again.
I direct a choir that is roughly about 24 members, give or take a few. We are not an 'early music' ensemble. In fact, we pride ourselves on being mostly soloists, with a few larger 'choral voices' that can tackle most rep that allows us to 'show off our LARGE vocal sound.'
Even so, I know that two dozen singers is not 'critical mass' for some things. We were going to do the Bernstein Chichester Psalms, but now I think that might be too 'large' a work, even in the reduced orchestration, knowing our venues. (BTW, reduced orch. is harp, percussion and organ)
I'd like to do a work that is more or less tonal, audience pleasing, but (hopefully) thrilling at the same time, for an up and coming Lenten/Sacred concert. Yeah, I could do the "Faure Requiem"  as the 'main work,' but I really would like some other options.
Other pieces on the program include Verdi's Pater Noster, three Bruckner motets (Os Justi, Ave Maria, etc.) and if I can find it, a lovely "Avinu Malkeynu" I used to sing when I was a soloist in a synagogue, a million years ago. Length- 1 hr. 15 or so, with intermission.
We have a very good accompanist, can join organ and piano, and even add a harp or some other instruments (members of the group play viola, flute, and violin as well) 
Thanks for any and all suggestions.
Dr. John Moir
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on December 5, 2011 1:55pm
What about the Poulenc "Motets for the Lenten Season"?  I was digging around this weekend and found my old copy--made me remember what a really wonderful group of pieces they are.  There are four pieces in the group, I believe.
It is hard programming for a group this size-- the Faure requiem would be perfect, keep it in mind for later--and the Bruckner motets, great--I've done all with my chamber groups.
Depending on your group, the Bernstein would still be very doable IMHO.
on December 6, 2011 11:08am
Duh- the Poulenc! Of course. Did Vinea Mea Electa with Bill Hall at Chapman a billion years ago. Of course. Thanks, Marie.
Anyone ever do 'Lux Aeterna' of Lauridsen? It's roughly 27 mins, and the Salamunovich recording is just gorgeous..... Seems relatively straight-forward to plan, and execute, or am I missing something? 
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