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Seeking two-part repertoire that is dead easy and sounds decent

I am having a particularly tough time with this year's "y'all come" choir of 26 high school women.  Despite lots of encouragement and very careful preparation on my part, I simply have a lot of kids with weak skills. They sing reasonably well as a group (leaning on the few decent voices in the section) but have limited range and difficulty singing parts accurately (the evil sopranos keep leading them astray).
I have to present them at one of the out-of-town music festivals (commments only) along side of with my two auditioned choirs, and am looking desperately for repertoire that will work for them while providing them with some degree of dignity.  I can't even count on their being able to handle the kinds of pieces that have little bits of 3-part singing scattered throughout.  Melissa Roth's arrangement of "A la puerta del cielo," which I thought would be clear and easy, was a nightmare for them at Christmas.  REPERTOIRE IDEAS WELCOMED, THE SOONER THE BETTER!
Kathy Vadala
Elizabeth Seton HS
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on April 22, 2012 7:43pm
Here's a couple more...My come one, come all middle school choir has sung most of these pieces with pretty decent success. 
I have to second J'entend Le Moulin by Crocker- its a great piece and doesn't sound too elementary 
Festival Alleuia by Pote
Antiphonal Hosanna by Leavitt
White Bird, Silver Bird by Nelson (This one is really pretty with a lot of unison, but there are some tricky intervals)
Little Lamb by Porterfield (there are some optional 3-part notes that aren't too hard)
Put a Little Love in Your Heart, arr. Funk- if you're looking for a more pop style piece
Check out BriLee publications. They have a lot of two part music that is easily accessible, but be careful...some of it sounds VERY elementary or is thematically too young for MS/HS singers. 
on April 28, 2012 6:28am
Two simple, spine-tingling suggestions:
Day by Day by Philip Godfrey (Encore)
All for love of one by Bob Chilcott (OUP)
All best in your endeavours!
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