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International Festival of the Aegean receives honorary award from the Union of Greek Theatre and Music Critics

Location: Greece
Athens, December 12, 2011 – The International Festival of the Aegean received on December 12, 2011, an honorary distinction award as the “best cultural organization operating in the wider region of Greece in 2011” conferred by the Award Committee of Music Critics of the Union of Greek Theatre and Music Critics. The award was given to the Festival for the presentation of its distinguished production of La Traviata, by Verdi, conducted by Peter Tiboris and directed by Renato Zanella in July 2011; and for the Festival’s wider contribution of important productions and international standards to the continuation of the musical and cultural tradition of the island of Syros since the 19th Century. Other 2011 productions included the world premiere of the ballet Medea’s Choice, Carmina Burana “Under the Stars,” Olympia Dukakis in Martin Sherman’s Rose, an International Choral Gala, a tribute to Gustav Mahler, and performances by the Greek Opera Studio.
The award ceremony took place at Megaron Musikis (Athens Concert Hall). Founder and Artistic Director of the Festival of the Aegean, Peter Tiboris, was not able to attend the event due to prior commitments in New York. The award was received on his behalf by the Mayor of Syros, Yannis Dekavallas; Artistic Director of the Greek Opera Studio, Eilana Lappalainen-Tiboris; and Dance Director and Choreographer Renato Zanella.
Mr Tiboris had sent the following letter which was read in public:
My Dear Friends:
Today is a special day for the Festival of the Aegean in Syros, after only seven years of existence we are honored to accept this prestigious award. The idea of this Festival did not first grow out of an artistic need, but rather, from my love of Greece and my Hellenic heritage. As a Greek/American, I have often said that my heart is American but my soul is Greek. Without this "agápe" (or love), there would be no festival. The Festival of last summer was a triumph involving more than 500 performing artists, artistic staff, and production staff.
The growth of the Festival of the Aegean will continue in the upcoming season. Next year's major performance will be Strauss’ demanding and riveting opera, Salome.
With sincere thanks and appreciation.
Founder and General Director
For information about participating in or attending the Festival of the Aegean, contact Dale Zeidman at 212-239-0205, or email