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Belated Thank You to the Choralnet Community

I wanted to take a moment and offer a belated "Thank You" to the Choralnet Community.
I live in a small town in California known as King City, in Steinbeck Country.  Back when I first joined Choralnet around 2004, my wife and I had only lived here for a couple years.  Being such a small town, it did not have a community choir, and none of the churches in town were big enough to have an established choir either.  Having met in choir in high school and been involved throughout our adult lives in choirs, we missed the art form terribly.  We toyed with the idea of starting one ourselves, but it seemed far-fetched, and probably more than I could handle with my demanding career.  Still, I researched the idea and stumbled upon Choralnet.  I posted the question asking for direction on how one would go about founding such a group and received significant and helpful input.
But several years passed, as they tend to, and we never really found the opening.  In the meantime, around 2008 (if memory serves) a little non-profit community arts center opened in town as a gallery and gathering place for local artists of all sorts.  In late 2009 the idea of a choir came up again.  My wife and I talked for a very long time, kvetching over how difficult it would be to get board members, sponsorship, 501c3, etc.  Finally my wife said those fateful words, "Why don't you ask Sol Treasures?"
I attended their board meeting in November of 2009 and they enthusiastically took us on.  Our first season kicked off in January of 2010.  We have just begun our 5th season, themed "The Freedom of Peace."  We have two concerts per year, in May and December.  Our members are fee-paying volunteers.  We're growing and becoming part of different community events and attracting a small following.  We have about 26-27 members each season, several seasoned choraliers as well as many beginners of differing ability and talent, but all of whom are learning and growing fast.  Our youngest member is 20 (although we did have a soprano of 16 for a couple seasons) and our oldest member is in his 70's.  We even have a few veterans of the Camerata Singers in Carmel, to my delight.  I direct as a volunteer and we keep a small budget for now.  Hopefully the choir will outgrow my involvement someday (in the far future) - but for now it is still "Anthony's choir." 
I wish to thank everyone who gave us advice and direction early on, both for the advice itself, and for the hope it gave me that someday we'd find a way to make it happen.  Cheers.
Anthony Toohey
Timshel Community Chorus of the Salinas Valley
King City, CA
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