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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Membership Issues and the Survey

I called ACDA today to ask what type of membership allows one to fill out the survey.  
Active members (cost $95) can.
International Members (cost $135) can.  
You need a username and password.  Getting these requires an email address.  Those that signed up as Associate members (cost $95)do not have the same privileges, so pull an Eric Whitacre, get yourself a virtual choir and change your associate memberships to active.  You are technically supposed to have a choir to be active.  I volunteer to sing in your virtual choir.
"Do Sol Sol Fi Sol La La Sol"  Add some pitches to our song.
If you want to change your Associate Membership to active contact ACDA at this email address ldefrancis (at)  If you need a username and password you can try the same.  You can also call the ACDA and ask for "Membership" at (international code dial 00)-1-405-232-8161.
I renewed my lapsed membership, now on to the survey!
If you haven't checked out what the "Little Marketplace" in our community is going to look like, click here.
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