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Alternate Instructions for "Little Marketplace"

If you know how to use your browsers back button, copy, paste, create a link in a message text and have asked and received "editor" status, try these instructions. Use the "Where are you" links to get to the right place.
Please read the terms and conditions on the Editor's only page.  Agree to the terms and conditions by uploading to the library.  The terms and conditions will be updated.  At that time you will need to email me an acceptance of the terms and conditions. 
Read the posting guidelines and legal disclaimers here:
Where are you/ What to do
               Upload Sound File (.mp3, .mpeg, .mid, .midi formats only) and then your .PDF
Library      Click "New Library File".   (upper right)
Library      Enter The name of your sound file like others you see.
Library      Click "Choose File" 
Library      Click on the file you want to upload and click "Choose" just like you would do to make an email attachment.
Library      Click "Submit" (lower left)
Repeat process to upload a .pdf instead of a sound file.
Composition Showcase Page       Click "Edit" (upper right)
Composition Showcase Page       Find the alphabetically appropriate place for the title of your piece.  Type the information about your piece in this format.  Do not use any commas in the title or descriptions, only to seperate the various types of information.
Title, Voicing, Other Voicing Info, Accompaniment, Other InstrumentationDifficulty (Very Easy,Easy,Medium,Medium Difficult, Difficult),Composer Last Name, Composer First Name and Middle Initial (optional), Cost (indicate per copy made by buyer, per copy made by composer, license to copy X many etc.), Link directly to Purchasing Page (THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL! Link to page on your own website or publisher's site or give e-mail address),Notes or description, Links,
Composition Showcase Page:  Type ".mp3, .pdf," after the last comma you entered above. (if your sound file is .midi, .mid or .mpeg, type that instead of .mp3) 
Composition Showcase Page      Click "Submit"
Library         Click on your sound file.  Copy the URL from the top of its window. Example: ;
Composition Showcase Page     Click "Edit"
Composition Showcase Page     Hilight the ".mp3" you typed and click on the link tool in the tool bar.  Paste the URL and hit return.
Composition Showcase Page      Click "Submit"     
Library      Click on the .PDF for your score. Copy the URL from the top of its Window.  Example
Composition Showcase Page   Click on "Edit" 
Composition Showcase Page  Hilight the ".pdf" you typed and click on the link tool in the tool bar.  Paste the URL and hit return.
Composition Showcase Page      Click on "Submit"
You are finished.
see what the finished pages will look like here.
on February 6, 2012 10:04am
Hi, Jack--
I'm ready to add my pieces, but I'm unclear as to where I indicate whether my .mp3 files are "virtual" or "choir."  Mine in this batch all happen to be concert recordings, so they're all "Choir," but I have a couple I'll be uploading a bit later today that are "Virtual."
Lana Mountford
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