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Dear Friends,
 I am seeking commissining as a Minister of Music in the UCC.  I have been asked to write about MUSIC / Polity and how it goes together in the UCC.  I am  ill equipped with documents, mentors, and actual Polity/MUSIC absolutes.  I need Help.  THe State of Maine has never in recent history recognized a Minister of Music and I want to do a great job with this ground breaking work.  All help is welcome.  Thank, Peter Stickney
on January 27, 2012 5:42am
Hi Peter - I am a UCC pastor who has worked as a chucrh musician for decades. For starters, I would look to the Manual on the Ministry and see what info there is for Commissioning of lay Minister (my MOM is not right at this deask so I can't look up the exact wording) and then I'd see how that information might be translated into the work of a musician.
Have you looked at the book, The History and Polity of the UCC ?
If you can email me I can put you in touch with an individual who I think would be extremely helpful -
Meg Williams
on January 28, 2012 2:06pm
Peter, I went through the commissioning process in Massachusetts (I emailed you also). It's a wonderful learning and growth opportunity. I wish you well in it. I included a unit of CPE which, all by itself, was life-changing. Now where did I put my commissioning paper? (We never throw anything out...)
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