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Collegiate Ensemble Requirements

I would be interested in learning the ensemble requirements at smaller universities. In my initial research I've learned that some schools require students to participate while 'in residence'. Others require only the number of semesters that would fulfill degree ensemble requirements. Many are also tied into scholarship awards. Thank you in advance for your comments.
on January 30, 2012 11:46am
The university where I teach requires 7 semesters of ensemble credit for majors.  Music scholarships are tied to ensemble participation in the main ensembles (choir, band, and orchestra), but any ensemble can count toward the seven semesters.
I think it would be worthwhile to establish which ensembles "count."  For example, if a student is in the large choir, chamber choir, and band and needs 8 ensemble credits, could that person fulfill the requirements after three semesters?  Maybe only the main ensemble that corresponds with the student's primary instrument should count?  Luckily, I haven't had any students so far who have done what I just described.  If I were making a policy from scratch, I would be more specific.  
Incidentally, my school has around 4000 undergrads, maybe 4500 total.
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