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Call for Scores

As much as I applaud what is happeniong here with composers uploading scores etc, I simply do not have the time to wade through the many emails that are coming my way so I am standing the idea on its head and hope you will forgive me.
I am planning the music formy choirs from 2012-2014 and would be interested in seeing any pieces that fit my requirements, please only one from each composer and if you would be so good as to let me  know in advance by email if you are sending anything and for which of the choirs - whastever we choose we will of course then purchase copies of
Choir 1 - Heritage singers - sings services in Anglican Cathedrals and Larger churches and is heading for a 10 day tour of the Baltic in 2012 - we are only interested in music that fits into the Anglican Liturgy
Choir 2 Masterworks Chorale provides the finest music in the finest venues, no restrictions here as to sacred /secular  but pieces chosen for this choir will be because we really feel the composer has a voice that UK listeners should hear
Finally York Rose singers from the city of York, here we are looking for easier non sacred pieces for a moderate ability choir
I hope you will forgiove me bypassing the excellent system being set up for composers to sell their wares, but I would like to make a more personal connection with the composers we choose to represent
Best wishes
Tim Knight
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on January 30, 2012 9:24am
Thanks for this opportunity. It would help if you could specify what accompaniments are available/suitable for your groups.
Brian Holmes
on January 30, 2012 10:08am
My apologies, the first two choirs can be Organ or Unnacompanied the third would be best with Piano
on January 30, 2012 9:30am
Here's a perfect example of the miscommunication between conductors and composers that Julia Laylander is complaining about.
First, you only want pieces which "fit your requirements," but you're asking for repertoire for three separate choirs, and didn't really specify any requirements. Do you want concert-length Te Deums with full orchestra? or 3-minute anthems? Rutteresque audience-pleasers, or avant-garde mind-benders? Arrangements of folk songs/pop songs/hymns, or only newly-composed music? English language? or Latin/German/Finnish/Swahili? How capable are your choirs? Do you have many good sight-readers? Are they all SATB? How large are the groups? How much divisi can you tolerate? Do you want a cappella? keyboard accompaniment? small ensemble? rock band? Do you want brand-new, previously unperformed music? Published/unpublished?
You've put composers in an impossible situation: you won't consider their music unless they guess what you want ahead of time. Even if you answered all those questions, composers still wouldn't really have a sense of what your personal aesthetic is, and anyway they aren't the best at evaluating their own music to see if it is comparable to music you've performed before. Wouldn't things work better if you looked through a lot of composers' music instead?
on January 30, 2012 9:50am
Looks like we were posting here at the same time.  Composers are in an impossible situation all too often when conductors seek repertoire suggestions.  I can only speak for myself, but I want to be able to provide a "good fit" (if I have anything appropriate to offer) but cannot do so unless I know a great deal more than the tiny bit of information that most conductors provide.  I do not wish to annoy conductors with suggestions for pieces that, in their minds, clearly do not meet their needs and desires.  But composers cannot read conductors' minds!
How can the broader ChoralNet community bring this "impossible situation" to the attention of ALL, and develop strategies or guidelines or templates to try to better meet the needs of both conductors and composers whenever a call for scores is announced, or repertoire suggestions are sought?  How can we, as a large community, reduce or even eliminate the level of friction and misunderstanding and annoyance that the current situation causes for both conductors and composers?
on January 30, 2012 10:15am
Thanks for taking the time to reply unfortunately I find little to agree with you about, the requirements are specific, music that fits the Anglican Liturgy is a specific, I am asking composers to send one piece of music that they have in their catalogue, this is not a competition and any composer can contact me to find out more, and the links to the choirs were given,
Who cares what my personal aesthetic is, I aim to perform music of quality whenever or whoever wrote it in whatever the style, and No - it is not better unless you have a vast amount of time whioch in my real world I do not have .. to look through lots of composers music, not for me anyway.
I am upset by this message and had I known that it was likely to solicit such a seemingly angry reply I would not have bothered to post the opportunity in the first place.
on January 30, 2012 11:13am
I found the accusatory tone of the original message upsetting too. Someone could post more or less info and still be accused of not posting the right info. If you don't see what you need, ask for more, as politely as you would in person. Let's give someone offering an opportunity some slack and offer thanks in return, as some have done. As composers, we have to try to fit with a conductor's work process. Some people want to sift online, others like submissions. Not a big deal. Don't let on to conductors that composers might be hard to work with!
Mostly, though, I want to say that discovery, even discovery of requirements, is part of the process. Specifics for theme or tone or even accompaniment might be part of a serendipitous musical revelation that the conductor doesn't even know s/he is hoping to find.
on January 30, 2012 11:36am
Whatever you may think of my reply, don't take it as a reflection on composers. I may be hard to work with, but I'm not a composer.
on January 30, 2012 12:57pm
on January 30, 2012 12:59pm
I sincerely apologize to the entire ChoralNet community if it has appeared that I have been complaining.  I have tried in a few posts in a few places to point out, as diplomatically as possible, the continuing difficulties that composers face when attempting to offer pieces that fit a conductor's needs and desires, and have asked for suggestions about how we, as a whole community, might be able to address this issue in a manner that would be helpful to both conductors and composers.
on January 30, 2012 1:24pm
I dont take your messages as complaining, and all well made comments are valuable, but I sit on both sides of the fence and as a composer I welcome the opportunity to talk in person ( be that electronically or face to face) with people who offer  opportunities that interest me, sometimes a conductor doesnt know exactly what they want and a composer is able to offer something that would not have even entered the composers head, sure a conductor might be more specific about what they want ( including me) but sometimes we want composers to offer use something thet we didnt even know we wanted!
In the end I am convinced that by taking to each other personally in music as in life,  we discover anothers thoughts wishes and needs and understand better
on January 30, 2012 9:38am
Hi Tim--Could you please provide just a bit more information about your third category:  "Finally York Rose singers from the city of York, here we are looking for easier non sacred pieces for a moderate ability choir"?
Size of choir and proportions of voices?  Average age of singers?  Any good soloists, and which voices?
Any preference for a cappella or accompanied, and if accompanied, which instruments are available to you?
Preferred length of pieces?
Clearer definition of "moderate ability choir"?  ("easier non sacred pieces"--please define "easier")
Any preferred themes or overall tone of pieces?  Up-tempo, slow, happy, sad, contemporary or classical themes, serious or amusing text/lyrics, etc.?
Types of concerts/venues?  What type of audience(s)?
Any additional specific information you could provide would be very helpful to us as we consider whether something would be a good fit.  It would save all of us a lot of time.  Thanks for the opportunity!
on January 30, 2012 10:19am
Julia, Balanced choir of 35 voices, average age of singers 45, Soloists not required for this piece, Piano accomp preferred, length no barriers here, however long it takes to convey the words is fine,
Preferred themes etc not an issue , if the piece is suitable for the choir we wi find a place to fit it in, Concert venues range from churches to Halls and Audience a typical cross section of the British Public ( whatever that is!)
on January 30, 2012 12:22pm
Part of what Mr. Knight seems to be reacting to is the constant stream of notifications about new files uploaded to the community library. I agree that those are annoying and not very useful, so I'll work on a way to turn those off.
on January 30, 2012 2:14pm
I don't get update emails when files are uploaded.  If members are getting too many emails because of the many post and file uploads might I suggest that they follow these instructions to change their preferences:
Go to the My ChoralNet Tab
Select Subscription Email Options
Look for the Composers of Choral Music Community on the list and select "index"
You will get a list of what is new every once in a while but not after each upload.  It includes links which you can follow to the post people have made.
Change your preferences back once this process is less in your face. 
Sorry if this has clogged inboxes.  We lost one composer from the community over this already.  Like road construction outside your favorite restaurant, bare with us and the delicious rewards will be waiting.  
on January 30, 2012 2:37pm
I have already adjusted the subscription scripts so that newly-uploaded files will no longer be emailed out unless the user specifically checks a box. It's not necessary to change your subscription at this point, unless you'd prefer to get an index or digest subscription in general.
on January 30, 2012 1:47pm
Dear Mr. Knight,
I have a choral piece for your Masterworks Chorale entitled, "Prayer for Peace."  You may view a copy of it on
Composer:  Dr. Karen L. Thomas
on January 30, 2012 1:58pm
Many thanks
I will take a look at this and get back to you if neccesary
on January 30, 2012 1:53pm
Hello Tim,
I'd like to suggest one of my published works: Veni Sancte Spiritus, available from Lorenz at the following link, where you can also listen to an audio clip of the entire piece:
The work is a bit more than 6 minutes long, for SATB divisi, a cappella, and I think would work for either the Heritage Singers or the Masterworks Chorale.  Here is a short program note:
Veni Sancte Spiritus was written for the Gordon College Choir’s European tour in the
spring of 2006. C. Thomas Brooks, their director, wanted something sacred that could be
sung successfully in large, echoing cathedral spaces. Ron Jeffers lovely translation of the
text caught my ear first, but the original Latin is even better—austere, not a word too
many, the sentiments perfectly caught in a highly controlled poetic form. It remained
only to illuminate them with music.

How to pray when it seems impossible, when it’s all we can do to utter the first word?
“Veni...” This is the moment of turning, of supplication. “Veni...veni...come.” Slowly
our attention is focused; we enter into the single-minded moment of prayer, of
Thank you for this opportunity, and the best of luck with your search.
Carol Barnett
on January 30, 2012 1:59pm
Hello Carol
Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply,
I will take a look and get back to you if neccesary
Best wishes
on January 30, 2012 7:15pm
Hello Tim,
I would also like to recommend a couple of my published works for your more advance groups.  The first is "I Believe in the Sun".  I believe it would really sound in a cathedral type setting.
The other piece is "This Still Room..." on a text by John Greenleaf Whittier
I have included mp3 samples of both pieces.
Jonathan Adams
on February 4, 2012 3:22pm
Dear Tim:  I have a piece that I would like for you consider for your Master Chorus.  It is a setting of Arthur O'Shaughnessy's "We Are the Music Makers".  It is  scored for SATB with 5 part brass.  You can hear two performances on  Just click listen.  It is published by Colla Voce Music.  You can also see a score on their web site.
Tom Council
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