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Different kind of choir accompaniment

Hi.  I'm new to this community.  I am looking to find church choir directors who incorporate different instrumental accompaniments to their choir's music, not the usual piano or organ accompaniment.  Does your choir ever sing with a Praise Band, small orchestra, or string or wind ensemble?  I have seen this done beautifully at the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.
I have written some pieces for SATB choir and orchestra.  They're arranged "classically," but the vocal writing and harmonies are modern (not in the avant garde sense; very melodic).  I also have the SATB with piano reduction scores available.  
But I guess I'm interested to know how my songs would sound somewhere "in between" - not fully orchestral and not simply choir/piano.  Any suggestions?  Thank you!
on May 26, 2012 7:53am
I have no direct experience with this. However, Ola Gjeilo uses a string quartet along with a piano to accompany his "Dark Night of the Soul".  You can hear his explanation and listen to snippets of the sound in the YouTube link below.  He says this combination is "an amazing bridge sonically between piano and choir."
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