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Share the Pride and the Glory/Mention Choir and Director

I have been listening to at least part of every recording uploaded to the library and I am humbled.  Thank-you all for allowing me to be a part of your immense skill and glorious artistic output.  I mentioned in the planning group for the real marketplace that I felt a credential system would be of use to conductors.  I still believe so.  Letting people know who else performed your works is a valuable bit of information. 
If you have room in your More info sections, I believe it would be an asset for you to list the Choir and director that made your recordings.  Ask permission first.  My church choir was upset at me when I mentioned I wanted to post a YouTube video of them singing.  I have a feeling that may be the attitude of some conductors that work at the level many of you are at.  Their careers depend on their image.  
You probably still have editor privelages, so you can go directly to the voicing page and enter.  Please do not try to adjust any other formating issues or tags yourself, it could easiy upset the delicate text anchors we have in place.   As always those less comfortable with the process can get them to me and I will put them up as time permits.  Send me title, voicing, and the info so I don't have to hunt through all 50 entries.  LOL. There are 50 entries.  A link to the choir's ChoralNet profile or website would be another good idea in the More links section. 
Thanks to Hildigunner for the fine recordings that made me think of this.   You are my favorite Icelandic composer, and not just because I don't know any other Icelandic composers.  Perhaps you can get your colleagues to join us as well? 
There is a hole in the output of our collective uploads.  I would really like to see more sacred pieces that could be performed by an average church choir.   If some of you compose for my level of choir I would sure appreciate seeing your work.  I believe others would as well.
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on February 7, 2012 10:28am
Hi Jack!
Although your comments are well intended, they would be impossible for many composers to follow.  For instance, my works have been performed all over the globe, so I have no idea who conducted or recorded them; therefore, the only recordings I have collected are from choral groups at Bowling Green State University and from other colleges and universities, including two remarkable high school choirs, in Ohio. 
In addition, not all professional choirs are truly excellent.  In the 1970s, a national competition took place for the best recording of Handel's, Messiah.  All choral groups were invited to compete, including professional choirs.  The prize went to B.G.S.U., just as did the 2011 International Championship Barbershop Quartet Prize!  Candidly, it is NOT who you are; it is what you can do that counts.  MANY college and/or university choirs are as good or better than most famous name choirs.
If I were still conducting a choir and searching for music, I would not be impressed by seeing some famous choir mentioned; what would interest me would be the quality of the choral singing on the mp.3 recording, regardless of who the choir or director might be.
on February 7, 2012 11:18am
As far as I understood Jack he meant the actual choirs which recordings we put on the list. Hopefully you know those :þ  
on February 7, 2012 2:16pm
It was late when I posted and I wasn't really clear.  This is really two separate but related topics.
1.  I would like to see the name of the choir and director of the recordings you uploaded in the More info section and a link to their website, profile or blog in the More Links section.  In the information age, people are used to asking themeselves "I wonder who that was?" and responding with a Google search.  The last of the baby boomers like me, and younger generations are used to information overload. 
2. The full credential process is probably best for the actual marketplace.  My point is that seeing that other choirs have performed your works is an asset.  If you were performed by a well known choir it would get my attention even more.   If the Greg Smith Singers thought your piece was performance worthy, that is an excellent endorsement of your work.  
on February 7, 2012 2:57pm
ok - yes, my pieces have been performed by Sydney Children's Choir and The Esoterics - suppose namedropping doesn't do any harm. Don't want to ask their permission for the links as I have other excellent recordings of the pieces and would also like to promote those Icelandic choirs.
on February 7, 2012 4:46pm
oh and where do I find my entries to add in the choir info? - the showcase window only shows the guidelines and I can't seem to find the entries... (going to sleep now, almost 1 AM my place)
on February 7, 2012 6:08pm
Message me with that information and I will insert it on the voicing display pages. 
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