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Are we visible?

This may be a very dumb question, but how many conductors a) know about the "Compsers of Choral Music" community, and b) read here regularly?
I still get confused as to whether to post my questions or announcements in the Choralnet Forums OR in one of the Community Forums.  And I didn't even know for quite awhile that the community forums existed as another place for announcements, queries, etc.  There's a LOT of overlap in topics, regular writers, etc. among them, but I do wonder how many conductors are even aware of this group?
Our recent announcements and calls for conductor critiques have appeared in the Composers of Choral Music Community Forum, and I did see one message from Allen on the Choralnet "Homepage" announcing it (toward the bottom on the left is where it appears on my screen).
Could/should we be doing more to make this new project more visible to the greater Choralnet Community? Apart from word of mouth, that is.  A meesage in one of the Choralnet Forums ("Repertoire questions and discussions" might be an obvious choice), or something on the Announcements page? (The last entry under "Choralnet administrative announcements" was Jack's message from last July announcing the start of the work on the project!  Might be nice to announce its birth in the same place?)  Even a listing under "Resources"?
Is everyone here really cognizant of all that Choralnet has to offer in both the Choralnet Forums and Community Forums (I still find that confusing ... ).
OK -- just asking ...
Lana Mountford
Bellingham, WA
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