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Works at the Madison Convention by CCMC Members

This might not be an exhaustive list but I wanted to share with you how pleased I am that so many works written by members of our community were presented at the Madison convention.
These works by members were performed at concerts I attended:
René Clausen’s How Can I Keep From Singing (Manuscript)
Ivo Antognini’s arrangement of I am the Rose of Sharon (Alliance AMP 0842)
Michael McGlynn’s arrangement of Christus Resurgens (
Jaakko Mantyjarvi’s Psalm 150 in Kent Treble Bob Minor (Sulasol S473)
Jackson Berkley’s Ascendit Deus (SDG 96-104)
Abbie Betinis’ Be Like the Bird ( AB-062-69)
Joan Szymko’s O lux beatissima (Viriditas Music Press Vmp018)
Kurt Knecht’s Sero te amavi (Walton Music Publishers NMP141)
There were also many pieces by our composers available from various publishers, I picked up a bunch to peruse. 
I tend to judge music by how it moves me emotionally and by my body’s physical response.  The more tears I shed, the more goose bumps or cramps I get the more I like it.   The Grammy’s are on Sunday but today I will award the CCMC informal unscientifically assessed Crampy award to the piece by one of our own that moved me the most.
            And the winner is...
Joan Szymko  for O lux beatissima performed by Aurora   Luther College’s womens' ensemble lead by Sandra Peter.
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