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Brooklyn Tab: "Giving Him Thanks"

Location: New Jersey, USA
Item: choral folio, "Giving Him Thanks"
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Carol Cymbala/Richard Evans
Starting: anytime
For: one month
Copies: 1-20
Willing to rent: Yes
Seeking at least one copy of this choral collection. (One copy if I can obtain permission and licensing from the publisher to photocopy this out-of-print music; seeking 20 copies if I cannot.)
Would particularly like to program "In Everything Give Him Thanks" for our Thanksgiving service this coming fall, but other songs from the book are also of interest for the future.
Very willing to pay shipping both ways, rental fee, even would like to purchase if you have no further need of this sheet music.
Thank you very much,
Cherwyn Ambuter
Calvary Baptist Church Sr. Choir
Warwick, NY