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Purchase Order Needed

As I prepare to order music from members of our community and from vendors from the recent convention I attended, it is pretty clear that we need a standard purchase order form.  When buying things out of our own pocket, PayPal and snail mail work fine.  When making purchases for organizations, a form is needed.  I would like to have my church and school pay for the pieces I will be using with those groups.   I am sure I am not alone. Each composer could add their address to the form and re-upload it to the library as "(Composer's Name) Purchase Order."
Does someone have a form they would be willing to share as a public domain document with permission to alter it?  If so upload it as a PDF to the library.  Others please indicate the information we need to have on a purchase order.  
I would like to create a new line in the voicing pages like this:
Link to Purchase Page:
Optional Purchase Order Form:  AVAILABLE
The options would be AVAILABLE and none unless there are others you feel we need.  I would like the form on the showcase to be uniform.  How do you feel about this?  It could be a link back to the purchase order on your websites but that kind of takes away the advantage of uniformity.  
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