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Filming School Concerts and Posting Online - Fair Use?

My private high school's administration would like to film our choral concerts and post them on the school's website for parents who cannot attend.  I'm under the impressions that, since the music we perform is copyrighted, posting a video of our concert online, even in a password protected area of the school's site, would not fall under Fair Use and is therefore not legal.  I think we're allowed to make a single archival recording but I've heard you cannot duplicate that without a synchronization license for each song.  I know audio is different and duplication can be permitted relatively simply and cheaply through, but what's the story on video?  Anybody have any good resources?
Also, I'm a little uncomfortable with my own intellectual property (my direction) being filmed without my permission.  I'm proud of the work I do, but I don't know that I want it finding its way to YouTube and being picked apart for eternity.  Do any of you have advice about how to navigate this issue?
Thanks for your help,
David S.
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