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Scariest thing to discover outside your hotel door at ACDA

Wake up in the morning and open your hotel door, and hey, isn't that nice, the hotel provided a copy of the local morning paper to each room. Something to read at breakfast, and at least it's not USA Today.
The top headline on the paper reads "Reno casino gains extra time to restructure debt", which sound local, boring, and innocuous, until you realize the "casino" they're talking about is the hotel you're staying at, and the "extra time" is two more weeks getting to March 15, which means the previous deadline was, uh, yesterday? The hotel you're staying in is on the verge of bankruptcy?
I don't know exactly what happens when a hotel goes bankrupt, but it conjured up visions of us all being thrown out into the street with our luggage, while the sherriff padlocked the front doors. However, the two weeks' reprieve granted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (not sure why they're involved) evidently prevented that from happening, so we still had our reading sessions and stuff.
That sure didn't help breakfast go down any easier, though.
on March 4, 2012 5:08am
I'm sure you received a great rate on the rooms.
on March 4, 2012 8:22am
The rooms were actually pretty reasonable. I'd been attributing that to the superior negotiating skills of the Western Division leadership, but anyway rooms and meals are loss leaders for casinos — they expect their profits to come from the gaming floor.
on March 4, 2012 5:09am
Well, Allen, I can tell you exactly what happens when the hotel you are staying in goes bankrupt.  This happen to me with my Mansfield University Concert Choir and entourage, 78 of us in all, last summer in Wales!   We had arrived in Wrexham to compete in the International Eisteddfod, in Llangollen.  Yvonne Glass, one of our chaperones, tells the story in a most entertaining way:

I was awakened early by a knock at the door, and I rose from a horizontal to vertical position and greeted Celia Finestone and Joan Berresford at my door. They were definitely not looking their normal, cheeky selves. It would appear that the hotel we were staying at in Wrexham, northeast of Llangollen, had been “seized” for financial issues and we were being put out to the curb, without warning, without breakfast, and needed to leave the premises by 9am. The last time I left a building that quickly was when it was on fire! To quote Shakespeare, “Thou crusty batch of nature!” “Detested Parasites!” One of the choristers  was actually on the phone with his father at about 1:30am and saw them loading furniture into a truck. However, all’s well that ends well: soloists took a taxi to the competition, the rest of us packed out and broke our fast at the festival grounds, we rushed back to the solo competition, and prepared for the afternoon performance of the choir. 

In the end, the management found us another hotel, albeit, 1 1/2 hours away. The choir won a first prize and two second place awards, and came home with great stories to tell!
Peggy Dettwiler