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Size limits?

Hi all,
I teach at a charter school that currently offers no music program at all.  I have offered to teach chorus as an elective in the fall - but I'm a history teacher by training, albeit one that has sung in choirs of many types in high school, college, and as an adult.  I have no false illusions that I am an expert, but I humbly hope I can be better than nothing.  This week, the forms have gone out for kids to sign up for courses for next year and to my delight, the kids are so excited to have chorus as an option.  Guidance has told me there is a lot of interest and I need to tell them how many students I'm willing to take.
Here's my question - how many kids do you think a single person can handle in one class, their first year?  I have excellent classroom management skills, so I'm not afraid from that angle.  I have told guidance 30, but I'm sad to think some kids might be turned away.  I don't want to make the chorus an audition based group.  These kids haven't had an opportunity to have a music class since at least 6th grade and I want them to be able to learn.  If I do limit class size, can anyone offer suggestions on criteria (if any) I should use?
I've enjoyed lurking here for the past two months, learning and preparing.  Thank you to all contributors.  I'm sure I will have many more questions to come.
Jessica Bowen
Advanced Math & Science Academy
Marlborough, MA
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