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Save Time, Find Great Repertoire

Use the Composition Showcase on ChoralNet to save time and find great repertoire. There’s not another place like this anywhere on the web! Here's the link:
The process for finding good new repertoire at the big distributers or individual composers’ websites is daunting.   The Composition Showcase on ChoralNet has done a lot of the work for you.  Each composer only gets to upload three pieces from the same voicing and six pieces total so they have already sifted through to provide only the best works.
There are almost 100 pieces by 30 different composers separated by voicing with new pieces added every week.  Each entry has a partial or full PDF of the score and a recording of a performance or a VIRTUAL recording so you can read through the score while you listen.
I have been a choral director for 20+ years and have never seen any thing this useful  for finding gems of the repertoire that have not been sung to death.  If you would like to have other directors coming up to you at the next festival you attend and asking you about the pieces you performed, the Composition Showcase is for you. 
 I have programmed two pieces from the Composition Showcase for my choir to perform later this year and am pushing my school district to use these excellent works for our all district choral festivals next year.   The site also led me to find a piece that my church choir will be performing in a couple of weeks by following the link to a composer’s website.   I do not have any pieces of my own posted. I am merely trying to get the word out about this excellent new tool.  I think it is a game changer for conductors who like to program quality new repertoire.
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