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Touring Budgets?

Dear Colleagues,
I would appreciate your feedback as I’m looking at budget figures for the upcoming year and beyond.  My questions are, “Do you have a line item in your budget for choir tours each year, and if so, how much?”  If you don’t have a amount from the regular budget but have some other way the institution helps to fund tours (endowment, alumni organization, whatever…) I’d love to hear about that, too.  I welcome input from anyone, but institutions similar to mine will probably be the most helpful.  We’re a small, 4-year, liberal arts, church-based college.  (We have about 1800 total students including online adult learning programs, but only 500-600 traditional residential students from whom the choral groups are formed).  If you’d prefer to respond privately, my email address is david.gardner ( at )  Anna Song’s post from last month and the replies are helpful, but I’m looking for some firm figures that I can use for justification as I put together a budget proposal.  Thanks so much!
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