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Keyboard Realization for Handel Chandos #7

Location: Illinois, USA
Item: "My Song Shall Be..." 1. SInfonia, 2. Coro, 9. Coro
Composer/Arranger/Edition: GF Handel HWV 252
Starting: April 30
For: through May 7
Copies: 1
Willing to rent: Yes
We're using CPDL parts for choir, and orchestra but there's no keyboard realization. (it's an orchestral reduction in the organ part - not what I need.)  I haven't been able to determine if the Barenreiter score has a realized keyboard part.  If there is a published part (or if you've created one) I'm happy to buy it (assuming I can get it soon!)  Anyone know where I can find this?  Thanks.
Dan Wagner