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New Classics Radio Hour

Location: Illinois, USA
New Classic Singers
Lee R. Kesselman, Music Director
Saturday, May 5 8 pm
McAninch Arts Center, Glen Ellyn IL
A live radio show on the campus of a mythical Midwestern community college.  After this last show, the studio is being refurbished – or maybe renovated – or maybe torn down. In any case, it’s the last show, or maybe the last show in this studio, or maybe the last show in this format, or maybe the last show for a long time. So for our live studio audience, just sit back and relax, clap when the *Applause*  sign is lit, enjoy the behind-the-scenes making of the show. Because it’s The New Classics Radio Show!
[Selections will include the following, though not necessarily in this order.]
Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal                                                          Arr. Alice Parker
As the Sunflower Turns on Her God                                                  Timothy C. Takach
National Weather Forecast                                                                Henry Mollicone
The Best of All Possible Worlds (from Candide)                               Leonard Bernstein
Geographical Fugue                                                                            Ernst Toch
Sure on This Shining Night                                                                 Morten Lauridsen
Blow Ye The Trumpet                                                                                    Kirke Mechem
Precious Lord                                                                                     Thomas A. Dorsey
                                                                                                            Arr. Arnold Sevier
Cells Planets                                                                                        Erika Lloyd
                                                                                                            Arr. Vince Peterson
Life is Like a Mountain Railway                                                        Charles David Tillman
                                                                                                            Arr. Nick Page
The Road Home                                                                                  Stephen Paulus
Grateful                                                                                               John Bucchino
Make Our Garden Grow (from Candide)                                           Leonard Bernstein
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