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Flow of Information to Prospective Students

I teach at a small, 4-year, liberal arts college.  I have taken on a position as co-chair of the Department of Music for next year, splitting duties with one of my colleagues.  I am charged with the Recruiting/PR/Marketing/Website development.  We receive multiple MS Excel reports every week with various inconsistent information from our Admissions office that details whether prospective students have inquired, applied, been accepted, or have cancelled their application with music interest codes.  My question is threefold:
1) How do you compare and merge old and new information that comes in from your Admissions Office?
2)  How does your Music Department streamline and share incoming information from your Admissions Office within the Music Department?  Meaning, how do you document snail mail, email, phone call contacts to each student to ensure no duplication across the department?
3)  Do you have a process by which documents or information is sent out on a schedule?  Meaning, if a student inquires with an interest in music, is there a particular preliminary document that you send?  If they apply, do you send audition dates, etc.?  What is your overall process of communication? 
Thanks for any direction you can offer.  I'm just trying to get a feel for how this is done elsewhere.  It seems very backwards here and I want to begin conversations about how to correct some inadequacies. 
on May 14, 2012 3:48pm
Hello, Jeff,
1) I create a new tab each time I receive a prospective student report.  In this manner, I'm able to save all pertinent data in a single file (I love Excel).  I label each tab by date.
2) I make most of the contacts myself so "duplication" isn't a problem.  Besides, if my colleagues make contacts, it simply serves to reinforce our interest.
3) I've created a sequence of mailings to be sent to prospective students including emails, postcards, and letters, one for each step of the application/scholarship process (I make a lot of phone calls, too).  We have a grad assistant that coordinates it but, prior to this year, it was my responsibility.
Nice to hear from you, Jeff.  I went to Bethel down in your area (early 90s) and now teach at a school similar to yours.
Good luck!
Dave D-K (a)
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