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Folk songs from all around the world

Good Morning! I am currently working on the repertoire of Choeur Baobab for next year. Choeur Baobab is a SATB a capella choir that seek to promote cultural diversity in Montreal by singing folk songs from all around the world. Two years ago, Mr. Barkev Tslakin graciously offered us two lebanese folk song, which are still part of our repertoire. I was wondering if we could have some more suggestions. To have a better idea of what we seek, you can listen to some of our songs at
Also, here is a list of some song we have sung in the past:
Baba yetu (Africa)
Amavolovolo (South Africa)
Ozdolu Idu (Bulgaria)
La llorona (Mexico)
Kimi wo nosete (Japan)
Mo li hua (China)
Jisas yu holem hand blong mi (Melanesia)
Samba lélé (Brazil)
Thank you very much
Bruno Pigeon
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on May 26, 2012 6:39am
(Japan) Yuki-no Omoide (Memory of Snow)
(South Koria) Arirang
(China) Moh Lee Hwah  ...Oh, you have already sung this...
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