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Rachmaninoff "Six Choruses," photocopyable w/transliteration

Hi, all!  I'm doing a Kickstarter to fund an edition of the Rachmaninoff "Six Choruses" for women's choir and piano with a translation and transliteration of the Russian so your choir can sing the Russian relatively easily and quickly.  If you donate $10, you'll get a PDF of the edited score so you can photocopy as many as you need!  
My aim is to help groups with small budgets perform music of the highest artistic merit that is accessible to singers with a wide range of skill levels.  
I hope to get funding from at least two women's choirs in each state.  Please pass this on to any conductors who might find it useful!
Full info:
Amelia Nagoski
on May 26, 2012 3:59pm
Doesn't the Musica Russica version have a transliteration? In what way would yours be different?
Bill Paisner
on May 26, 2012 4:56pm
All transliteration systems have compromises.  Personally, I like Anton Belov's IPA system; but I've been told repeatedly that most people prefer an easy Roman system.  The Musica Russica system is thorough, but very much designed from a Russian perspective.  For example, the letter "o" is a problem: Americans can't help but say "oh" when they see "o" but there's no "oh" sound in Russian.  So Americans either sing it wrong or you spend half of rehearsal telling them "don't say 'oh,' say 'aw'."  So my plan is to begin with an American-based Roman transliteration that is simple and straightforward and rooted in my experience coaching young and amateur American singers and their relationship to symbols and sounds, as compared to my study of Russian diction and how Russians think of letters.  And I get to pick which compromises to make.  :-)
But I do have IPA up my sleeve.  If I exceed the minimum funding, I'll be able to add that, too, which will make it more useful to more people--even Portuguese speakers!
Also, this is way cheaper.  
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