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Choral Offerings - just choir names and numbers!

We at CWU are looking 5-10 years into the future in a long range plan.  We have a 3 hour session on Monday, June 4 (short notice, I know!) with our faculty.
One of the issues will be how many, and what kind of ensembles are too many, enough, or not enough.
So I’m asking for the following focused info , ideally from institutions with approximately 8,000-12,000  students and/or 250-400 music majors.
Which scheduled choral ensembles do you have, with how many singers.
Please resist letting this drift into including other threads – I don’t even need or want the WHY’s of your philosophy at this point.
The info I’m hoping for is shown below with the CWU ‘stats’.  These are for spring quarter 2012.  I’m ONLY including curricular offerings.
Central Washington University   
Approx.. 10,000 students, 350 music majors
Traditional Choirs
University Chorale – 4 times 50 minutes/rehearsal 110 singers
Men’s Choir – 2 times 80 min/reh 35 singers
Women’s Choir -3 times – 50 min 30 singers
Chamber Choir – 4 times 75 min (plus 1 50 min req. sectional)– 40 singers
Central Singers (Sight reading choir) 1 time 50 min – 50 singers
(Total about 200 singers – many double up)
Jazz-Vocal Ensembles
Vocal Jazz 3 – 2 times 80 min – 15 singers + rhythm section
Vocal Jazz 2 - 2 times 80 min – 15 singers + rhythm
Vocal jazz 1 – 4 times 50 min, (plus a 50 min req.sectional) 14 singers + rhythm
Remember – no philosophy necessary – just numbers and offerings.
Thanks in advance for giving of your valuable time!
Director of Choral Studies
Central Washington University
Pres. Elect - NWACDA
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